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Small Slender Hover Fly - Melanostoma apicale

Family Syrphidae

This page contains pictures and information about Small Slender Hover Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 6mm 
This is a small size Slender Hover Fly. It has the black face, black thorax and black scutellum. Abdomen is pale black with yellow maculae. Antennae and legs are yellow. 
DSC_5811_8mm.jpg (117303 bytes) DSC_5812.jpg (164107 bytes) DSC_5812h.jpg (127012 bytes)
Pictures were taken in Venman Bushland on May 2010. 
OM010147.jpg (74522 bytes) OM010148.jpg (58797 bytes)
From reference information, their Larvae prey on small insects such as aphids (Aphididae) and plant lice (Psyllidae).
For general information about hover fly please check this page.
1. Species Melanostoma apicale Bigot, 1884 - Australian Biological Resources Study, Australian Faunal Directory.
2. Genus Melanostoma - Flower Flies (Syrphidae), LIFEDESK COMMUNITY.  

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