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Native-bee-mimic Fly - Eumerus peltatus 

Family Syrphidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Native-bee-mimic Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 6mm
This is a small Hover Fly. It is dark brown to black in colours. Head is black with white face and reddish brown antenna. Thorax and scutellum are black. Abdomen is black with three pair of lunules markings. The hind legs are covered with dense short silvery white hairs. 
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We saw them only once in Alexandra Hill during late summer. We saw some of them feeding on the pink wild flowers Grass Lily, ( also known as Slug Herb or Blue Murdannia, Murdannia graminea, family Campanulaceae). This flower is common in Alexandra Hill.
DSCN3281.jpg (129502 bytes) DSCN3283.jpg (118927 bytes) DSCN3287.jpg (140875 bytes)
Most hover flies mimic bees or warps. We believed this black small hover fly mimics the Australian native bees
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From reference information their larvae live in fruit. 

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