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Yellow-shouldered Stout Hover Fly - Simosyrphus grandicornis

Family Syrphidae

This page contains pictures and information about Yellow-shouldered Stout Hover Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 10mm
This Hover Fly has the yellow edge on each side of thorax. It has the yellow face and yellow antenna. It is medium in size with stout and robust body. 
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This is one of the most common Hover Flies we found in Brisbane. They were usually found hovering over short plants. 
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The Simosyrphus species look very similar to the Ischiodon scutellaris. They can be distinguished by Simosyrphus sp. has the abdominal tergite 2-5 margined and third antennal segment apically broadly rounded.
DSC_8978.jpg (51378 bytes) DSC_8976.jpg (140146 bytes) DSC_9658.jpg (69987 bytes)
Some species in tribe Syrphini look very similar. We call all of them Common Hover Flies. They are hard to be distinguished in the field and some of them may not be common. This species is common in Brisbane. 
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Photo thank to Trevor Jink 
This Hover Flies lay eggs near the aphids colony. Their maggot-like larvae are the predators of aphids.
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Common Hover Flies may sometimes confused with bees or wasps because of their mimic colour. Their bodies are medium to slender. On their abdomen there are the yellow-black wasps pattern and the narrow waist mimic pattern. 
wpe15.jpg (26509 bytes) SCN_0002c.jpg (145058 bytes) DSCN6244.jpg (80975 bytes)

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