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Treehopper Mimicking Fly - Cephaloconus tenebrosus

Family Lauxaniidae

This page contains pictures and information about Treehopper Mimicking Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 6mm
Pictures were taken at Macgregor Bushland during mid summer. This fly looks like a Treehopper. It is hard to understand what is the advantage of mimicking a Treehopper. 
DSCN0865.jpg (449787 bytes) DSCN6947.jpg (503107 bytes) wpe1.jpg (25209 bytes)
Then we learnt that some insects mimic others because of their fast speed of escape. Predators do not border to hunt them because predators expected those fast moving insects are too hard to capture. This could be the reason of mimicking treehopper.
DSC_2467L.jpg (502549 bytes) DSC_2472.jpg (428749 bytes) DSC_2473.jpg (491892 bytes)
We sometimes find them in our backyard during mid summer. This fly usually found resting on large green leaves.
DSC_0626.jpg (223439 bytes) DSC_9985.jpg (169435 bytes) DSC_9988.jpg (165869 bytes)
The fly has a blunt long cone shaped face with a black spot and longitudinal stripes. All femora are dark brown to black in colour. Other parts of legs are pale colours. 
DSC_9991.jpg (180084 bytes) DSC_9989.jpg (169206 bytes) DSC_9988h.jpg (202283 bytes) 

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