Ant Fly I
Ant Fly II 
Treehopper Mimicking Fly
Dotted-Wing Lauxaniid Fly
Black Lauxaniid Fly
Long-antenna Lauxaniid Fly
Orange Lauxaniid Fly I
Orange Lauxaniid Fly II
Orange-blue Lauxaniid Fly I 
Orange-blue Lauxaniid Fly II 
Black Stilt-legged Fly
Orange Stilt-legged Fly 
Leaf Miner Fly
Freeloader Fly I
Freeloader Fly II
Freeloader Fly III
Orange-blue Signal Fly
Orange-green Signal Fly
Green Signal Fly
Boatman Fly
Brown-banded Signal Fly I
Brown-banded Signal Fly II
Black-banded Signal Fly
Scarab Fly 
Queensland Fruit Fly
Wild Tobacco Fruit Fly
Ant-mimicking Fly
Water-skating Fly
Vinegar Fly
Unknown Acalyptrata  

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Family Micropezidae - Stilt-legged Flies

This page contains pictures and information about Stilt-legged Flies in family Micropezidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Flies in this family have very long legs, although the front pair is obviously shorter. Their body is elongated with patterned wings. Most are medium in size. They usually mimic either wasps or ants in the body shape. Their behaviour mimic those wasps and ants as well. They wave their fore legs in front of head when resting on plants. 
Some species adults are attacked to human dung and some inhabit flowers.   
Not much is known about the larvae life. It is known in general that they live in decaying wood and other plants matter underground.  

Black Stilt-legged Fly
DSC_7074.jpg (651610 bytes) DSC_5468.jpg (79993 bytes)
Mimegralla australica, body length 12mm 
This fly was found near a small pond in Yugarapul Park. It was walking around on a large leaf seems looking for something. It kept flicking its wings and front pair of legs, trying to convince us that it were a black wasp or ichneumonid wasp. Please check this page for more information.
Orange Stilt-legged Fly 
PWC_9037.jpg (130278 bytes) DSC_5030.jpg (544172 bytes) DSC_0167h.jpg (193665 bytes)
Metopochetus (Crus) freyi, body length 10mm
Pictures were taken on grasses. Its wing patterns look like an ant's narrow waist and abdomen. The fly walked like an ant too, sometime with jumping action. It might try to mimic the Jumper Ant. Please check this page for more information.

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