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Queensland Fruit Fly - Bactrocera tryoni

Family Tephritidae  

This page contains pictures and information about Queensland Fruit Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia

Body length 6mm 
We found quite a number of this flies on the peach tree in Botanic Garden in Mt Coot-Tha. The fly is mostly orange-brown in colour with yellow strips on thorax. Its abdomen is stout with a pale brown band. Its wings are with dark front edges and dark base. 
wpe8.jpg (21760 bytes) PC9_0712.jpg (486736 bytes) PC9_0712.jpg (455715 bytes)
We also found this Queensland Fruit Fruit Fly in a house front yard. It is trying to lay eggs in a rose bud. 
wpe7.jpg (17648 bytes) wpe9.jpg (18827 bytes)
The fly lays eggs in all kind of fruits, basically only pineapple and strawberry are not affected. Their larvae hatch and live inside the infected fruit. When the larvae become mature, and the fruit usually becomes rotten and fall onto the ground, the larvae come out and pupate in soil. 
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SCN_0011g.jpg (371843 bytes)

1. Wildlife of Tropical North Queensland - Queensland Museum Publications 2000, p107.
2. Bactrocera tryoni (Froggatt)Fruitfly - NSW Agriculture, 1998.

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