Ant Fly I
Ant Fly II 
Treehopper Mimicking Fly
Dotted-Wing Lauxaniid Fly
Black Lauxaniid Fly
Long-antenna Lauxaniid Fly
Orange Lauxaniid Fly I
Orange Lauxaniid Fly II
Orange-blue Lauxaniid Fly I 
Orange-blue Lauxaniid Fly II 
Black Stilt-legged Fly
Orange Stilt-legged Fly 
Leaf Miner Fly
Freeloader Fly I
Freeloader Fly II
Freeloader Fly III
Orange-blue Signal Fly
Orange-green Signal Fly
Green Signal Fly
Boatman Fly
Brown-banded Signal Fly I
Brown-banded Signal Fly II
Black-banded Signal Fly
Scarab Fly 
Queensland Fruit Fly
Wild Tobacco Fruit Fly
Ant-mimicking Fly
Water-skating Fly
Vinegar Fly
Unknown Acalyptrata  

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Freeloader Flies - Family Milichiidae and Chloropidae

This page contains pictures and information about Freeloader Flies in Family Milichiidae and Chloropidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Milichiidae and Chloropidae are two very close related Diptera families. Some species in family Milichiidae and Chloropidae can be found gathering around feeding spider or some other predator insects in order to feed on their prey.
Gerard Pennards saw the photos in our old web pages and email us this comments: "I would say these were Desmometopa sp. of the Family Milichiidae! These are known to show this 'kleptoparasitism'.  And the there are also sometimes Chloropids which show this behaviour."

Freeloader Fly I
DSC_0075.jpg (487130 bytes)
? Desmometopa sp. family Milichiidae, body length 2mm 
This small fly has the 'kleptoparasitism' feeding habit. They were found around the Salticid Ant Eater jumping spider when the spider was feeding on ant. We believe the fly feeds on the juice of the ant which was externally digesting by the spider. Please check this page for more information.
Freeloader Fly II
DSC_3850.jpg (446506 bytes) DSC_2892.jpg (442057 bytes) 
? sp. family Chloropidae, subfamily, Oscinellinae, body length 2mm 
This fly looks similar to the above species except its has the pale colour abdomen. Please check this page for more information.
Freeloader Fly III
DSC_5097.jpg (462016 bytes)
? Apotropina sp., family Chloropidae, body length 4mm
We only found this fly once. We will put more information about this fly in this page
DSC_6780.jpg (481714 bytes) DSC_6790.jpg (581059 bytes)
wpe6.jpg (36365 bytes) DSCN6996.jpg (658823 bytes)

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