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Black Stilt-legged Fly - Mimegralla australica

Family Micropezidae

This page contains pictures and information about Black Stilt-legged Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 12mm
Flies in this family have very long legs, although the front pair is usually shorter. Their body is slender with patterned wings. They usually mimic either wasp or ant. This Black Stilt-legged Fly is black in colour with two write strips on each wings. All legs are black except the smaller front pair with write tips. 
DSC_5462.jpg (63530 bytes) DSC_5465.jpg (75008 bytes) DSC_5468.jpg (459632 bytes)
This fly was found near a small pond in Yugarapul Park. It was walking around on a large leaf seems looking for something. It kept flicking its wings and front pair of legs, trying to convince us that it were a black wasp or ichneumonid wasp
DSC_5466.jpg (402054 bytes) DSC_5467.jpg (515876 bytes) DSC_5469.jpg (80286 bytes)
The larvae live in decaying wood and other vegetable matter. 
DSC_7071.jpg (624465 bytes) DSC_7074.jpg (651610 bytes) DSC_7076.jpg (653858 bytes)
We found them a few times, usually on board leaves low above ground. 
DSC_7078.jpg (621054 bytes)
The larvae live in decaying wood and other plants matter.  

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