Ant Fly I
Ant Fly II 
Treehopper Mimicking Fly
Dotted-Wing Lauxaniid Fly
Black Lauxaniid Fly
Long-antenna Lauxaniid Fly
Orange Lauxaniid Fly I
Orange Lauxaniid Fly II
Orange-blue Lauxaniid Fly I 
Orange-blue Lauxaniid Fly II 
Black Stilt-legged Fly
Orange Stilt-legged Fly 
Leaf Miner Fly
Freeloader Fly I
Freeloader Fly II
Freeloader Fly III
Orange-blue Signal Fly
Orange-green Signal Fly
Green Signal Fly
Boatman Fly
Brown-banded Signal Fly I
Brown-banded Signal Fly II
Black-banded Signal Fly
Scarab Fly 
Queensland Fruit Fly
Wild Tobacco Fruit Fly
Ant-mimicking Fly
Water-skating Fly
Vinegar Fly
Unknown Acalyptrata  

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Ant Fly - Family Sepsidae

This page contains pictures and information about Ant Flies in Family Sepsidae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
This is a small family. Flies in this family are small and ant-like. Their wings are clear and usually have a small dark spot on wing near apex. They have the habit of continuously waving the wings when at rest. Adults usually found in swarm near the breeding places. Their larvae live mainly in mammal faeces.  

Ant Fly I
DSC_8517.jpg (554119 bytes) P1030440.jpg (354290 bytes) 
Parapalaeosepsis plebeia, body length 4mm
We found this small fly on Mt Coot-tha and Lamington Park. We have more information in this page.
Ant Fly II
PWC_7275.jpg (90734 bytes) 
Parapalaeosepsis compressa body length 4mm
We found this Ant Fly in Yugarapul Park, which is a small area of rainforest habitat inside Brisbane area. Please check this page for more infromation. 

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