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Common Brown Robber Fly - Zosteria sp.

Family Asilidae

This page contains pictures and information about Common Brown Robber Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 25mm
This Brown Robber Fly is the most commonly seen Robber Fly in Brisbane bushland. 
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The Robber Fly is mostly brown in colour, with reddish-brown legs and clean brown wings. Its abdomen is greyish yellow. Its mouthparts are the triangular proboscis which insert into prey and suck the juice.
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Notice its slender antennal style.  
Robust flies are with noticeable "beard" of setae around the face. It is believed that they serve as protection to their face from damage by their prey. 
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This robber fly is usually seen resting on stem or leaves, sometimes feeding on prey. The above pictures show the Robber Flies just captured a Honey Bee. Robber Flies are air hunter. They also known as an Assassin Fly and Bee Killer. They have strong legs which can catch prey on flight. 
PWC_5976.jpg (182807 bytes) PWC_5977.jpg (230712 bytes) PWC_9307.jpg (168043 bytes)
Just captured a planthoppers
1. A revision of Neoaratus Ricardo, with the description of six allied new genera from the Australian region (Diptera : Asilidae : Asilini) - G Daniels, 1987.
2. Zosteria spec. - Wikimedia Commons
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