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Subfamily Lomatiinae - Brown Bee Flies

Family Bombyliidae

This page contains pictures and information about Brown Bee Flies in Subfamily Lomatiinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

This is the largest Australian Bee Flies subfamily.
In this subfamily Lomatiinae, the Bee flies have long wings and narrow body. On each side the posterior surface of head is distinctly concave. They are usually brown to dark brown in colours. Their wing vein Rs forks well before r-m, with R4 and R5 strongly looped. The wings are usually in dark colour and some are patterned. They usually have the narrow and flattened abdomen. Most species belong to the genus Comptosia and Aleucosia.

Genus Comptosia 

This is a large genus. Bee Flies in this genus are medium to large in size. They are brown to all black in colours. Some species have white wing tips. Shape of antennal flagellum are vary and can be used to identify the species. 
Stump-vein Brown Bee Fly
DSC_4666.jpg (357587 bytes) DSCN2171w.jpg (140386 bytes)
Comptosia neosobria, body length 20mm 
In early summer, we found many of them resting on the sandy footpath in Karawatha Forest. Some of them were mating. More pictures and information can be found in here.
Grey-wing Brown Bee Fly
DSC_6087.jpg (301215 bytes) DSC_2157.jpg (205798 bytes) DSC_6087w.jpg (91174 bytes)
Comptosia praeargentata, body length 20mm, female
The Bee Fly is dark brown to black in colour with dense golden-yellow hairs on each side of body and between abdomen segments. All legs are black. The wings are yellow-brown in colour with grey towards apex, darker towards costal margin. Please check this page for more image. 
Yellow White-tipped Brown Bee Fly
DSCN7921.jpg (258366 bytes) wpe1.jpg (57018 bytes) DSCN7923w.jpg (107754 bytes)
Comptosia quadripennis, body length 15mm, female
Please check this page for more image. 
Black White-tipped Brown Bee Fly
DSC_1518.jpg (127987 bytes) DSC_1525.jpg (104309 bytes) DSC_1533.jpg (183316 bytes)
Comptosia apicalis, male (with white wing tips) body length 15mm, female
The Bee Fly is dark brown to black in colours with golden hairs on body. Wings are tinted in brown colour. Male has the white stripe on wing tip. We saw this Bee Fly once in Anstead Forest on Nov 2009. Pleas check this page for more information. 
Brown White-tipped Brown Bee Fly
DSC_6015.jpg (268825 bytes) DSC_6018a.jpg (272575 bytes) DSC_6017.jpg (140804 bytes)
Comptosia walkeri, body length 15mm, female
The Bee Fly is brown in colours with golden hairs on body. Wings are tinted in brown colour with white stripe on wing tip. All legs are black with short yellow hairs. Male and female look similar. Please check this page for more image. 
Clear-wing Brown Bee Fly
DSC_2358.jpg (170514 bytes) DSC_2370.jpg (156417 bytes) DSC_2358w.jpg (122512 bytes) 
Comptosia prosimplex, body length 20mm
This Bee Fly is common in Karawatha Forest during summer season. They are usually found resting on the sandy footpath. Some are laying eggs with end tip of abdomen inserted into the soil. We have more pictures and information in this page.

Genus Aleucosia 

Costal Brown Bee Fly
wpe19.jpg (37123 bytes) wpe17.jpg (26654 bytes) DSCN4188w.jpg (135637 bytes)
Aleucosia costalis, body length 15mm
The Bee Fly is dark brown in colour with dark brown strip on each wing front margin. The pictures were taken in Alexandra Hill during late  winter.

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