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Subfamily Asilinae

Family Asilidae

This page contains pictures and information about Robber Flies in subfamily Asilinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Most Robust flies are with noticeable "beard" of setae around the face. It is believed that they serve as protection to their face from damage by their prey.
Robber flies in this subfamily have the wing vein R2+3 ending on R1, with slender antennal style. They are common in Brisbane bush. Most of them look similar and hard to be identified in species level.

Common Brown Robber Fly
wpe1D.jpg (27643 bytes)  wpe1F.jpg (25901 bytes)
Zosteria sp., body length 25mm
This Brown Robber Fly is the most commonly seen Robber Fly in Brisbane bushland.  Their mouthpart is the large pointed proboscis. Their thorax and legs are hairy. Their abdomen are long and thin. More pictures and information about this species can be found in this page
Common Black Robber Fly
wpe3.jpg (48810 bytes)  DSC_9525.jpg (79768 bytes)
? sp., body length 15mm
This robber fly like to rest on bare soil, rock surface and sometimes found rest on termite mount. This species is very co-operative with the camera man, they will not move even if we come very close. More pictures can be found in this page.
Giant Yellow Robber Fly
wpeA.jpg (45008 bytes)  DSC_2100.jpg (64550 bytes)
Blepharotes coriarius, body length 45mm 
We saw this large robber fly a few times in Karawatha Forest. This Large Robber Fly looks similar to the Giant Robber File above, except it is smaller in size, the hairs on its legs are black in colour. Please visit this page for more pictures and information.
Giant Blue Robber Fly
PWC_7928.jpg (114220 bytes)  PWC_7924.jpg (113943 bytes)
Blepharotes spendidissimus, body length 35mm
The Giant Blue Robber Fly has the relatively small head, legs are not long but with board abdomen. The body and legs is covered with short grey hairs. Whole body, includes eyes, abdomen and legs are in dark steel blue colour. Pair of Wings are tinted in steel blue as well. Please check this page for more details.
Small Yellow Robber Fly 
DSC_9074.jpg (78447 bytes)  wpe17.jpg (20678 bytes)
Dolopus sp., body length 15mm
This robber fly is grey in colour, wings tinted with reddish brown. Legs are black with yellowish-brown. Its antenna are slender style. It is medium in size, usually found resting on tips of stems. We have more information in this page
Golden Brown Robber Fly
DSC_1909.jpg (100831 bytes)  DSC_1910.jpg (85834 bytes)
? sp. body length 20mm
This robber fly is golden brown in colour with black eyes. All its legs are brown. The fly in the pictures has captured a Crane Fly. Pictures were taken in Karawatha Forest in mid summer. 
DSC_1915.jpg (89050 bytes) 
Red Eyes Robber Fly
DSC_2519.jpg (109457 bytes)  DSC_2521.jpg (130115 bytes)
? sp. body length 20mm
This pairs of robber flies are brown in colour with reddish brown eyes.  
Unknown Robber fly with Humpback
DSC_2513.jpg (56831 bytes)
? sp. body length 15mm
Pictures taken in Karawatha Forest on Feb 2008. 
Robber flies in this subfamily look very similar. We are not sure if we have identified them correctly. Please use the ID information with care. If you can confirm any ID of them, please send us an email
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2. Insects of Australia and New Zealand - R. J. Tillyard, Angus & Robertson, Ltd, Sydney, 1926, p363.
3. A revision of Neoaratus Ricardo, with the description of six allied new genera from the Australian region (Diptera : Asilidae : Asilini) - G Daniels, 1987.
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