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Green Slug Caterpillar - Eloasa symphonistis

Family Limacodidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Green Slug Caterpillars that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Caterpillar body length 30mm
DSC_2897.jpg (271456 bytes) DSC_2905.jpg (266057 bytes) DSC_2906.jpg (251856 bytes)
The moth in the above pictures is showing the unusual 'calling' gesture. It was lifting the abdomen, presumably dispersing pheromones. Pictures were taken in Karawatha Forest on Jan 2010. 
DSC_2909.jpg (347212 bytes)
The moth is brown in colour, with dark marks on each fore wing. The female has a narrow white line across each forewing. The moths have a wingspan of about 30mm.
wpeF.jpg (36179 bytes) wpe22.jpg (31819 bytes)  
Body length 10mm, 30mm
We found this caterpillars in Alexandra Hill bushland. In mid-summer, they are easily seen on Acacia (Black Wattle) leaves. They move very slowly. 
DSCN0714.jpg (304362 bytes) wpe1.jpg (29392 bytes) wpe4.jpg (40147 bytes)
The Caterpillars are green in colour with dome shaped.  The larger caterpillars have a number of faint pale lines running along its body. They pupates in between leaves in a hard brown cocoon.
DSC_2697.jpg (261901 bytes) DSC_2696.jpg (179973 bytes) PWC_8260.jpg (319615 bytes)

1. Eloasa symphonistis (Turner, 1936) - Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley, 2011.
2. Australian Moths Online - CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences 2011. 


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