Orange Black Stink Bug


Spined Stink Bugs - Tribe Rhynchocorini

Family Pentatomidae 

We found seven species of this Rhynchocorini tribe (or sometimes known as Rhynchocoris Group) in Brisbane.
Stink bugs in this group are medium to large in size. Most of them are green in colour. Often there is spin on the shoulder. 

Genus Ocirrhoe 

Phyllota Stink Bug
PC9_2193.jpg (102064 bytes) PC9_2172.jpg (169019 bytes)
Ocirrhoe dallasi, body length 12mm 
The stink bug is brown in colour with pale green thorax and head. The scutellum is brown with creamy white tip. Please check this page for more information.

Genus Cuspicona 

There are 21 Australian species in this genera. Some are spined and some are not. There are from small to medium in size, usually yellow, green to pale brown. Some with dark brown bands. The head is short and wide with even punctations.
Green Potato Bug
DSCN0098.jpg (160913 bytes) DSC_8863.jpg (125049 bytes) DSC_8864.jpg (154082 bytes)
Cuspicona simplex, body length nymph 8mm, adult 12mm 
The bugs were found on the weedy plant Solanacea (nightshades). Some of them were found on Wild Tobacco Solanum mauritianum. Please check this page for more information.
Wild Tobacco Spined Bug
DSC_8221.jpg (108278 bytes) DSC_0024.jpg (129508 bytes) wpe1E.jpg (26893 bytes)
Cuspicona forticornis, body length nymph 8mm, adult 12mm
This big is green with spined shoulder. It is closely resemble the Spined Citrus Bug above but a bit smaller. The green bug nymph was found near the Green Potato Bug adults but on the different plants. More information and pictures please click on here
Blue-spined Bug
DSC_4271.jpg (103083 bytes) DSC_4271.jpg (158495 bytes)
Cuspicona sp., body length 12mm 
We found this one in near Daisy Hill (Ford Road Conservation Area) on Lantana plant which has the blue spiny shoulder.  There are the creamy-white edges on shoulder near the head. 

Genus Diaphyta 

She-oak Stink Bug
PWC_8727.jpg (152544 bytes) PWC_8488.jpg (96156 bytes) PWC_8485.jpg (96326 bytes)
Diaphyta pulchra, adult body length 12mm 
She-oak Stink Bug is bight green colour with yellow stripes on the prothorax and scutellum. Its body is elongated oval shape with relatively large head and eyes. We have more pictures and information in this page.

Genus Morna 

Red Green Spined Bug  
DSC_0961.jpg (164034 bytes) DSCN2370.jpg (135954 bytes) DSCN2382.jpg (140474 bytes) 
Morna florens, body length 10mm 
This is one of the few insects that we found in mid-winter. This little green bug was hiding between the pine leaves. We found few of them easily on the same pine tree in Wishart bushland. The bugs are green colour with red spots on their head and back. They have the sharp spiny shoulder. We have more information and pictures in this page.

Genus Biprorulus 

Spined Citrus Bug
wpeE.jpg (30415 bytes) wpe9.jpg (35392 bytes) DSC_3680.jpg (188940 bytes)
Biprorulus bibax, body length 20mm 
The Spined Citrus Bug feeds on the fruits of citrus trees. They make considerable damages on the fruits. We found a few of them on the citrus trees in Brisbane Botanic Garden in summer. More pictures and information please click here.

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