Orange Black Stink Bug


Blue-spined Bug - Cuspicona sp.

Family Pentatomidae

This page contains pictures and information about Blue-spined Bugs that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 12mm
DSC_4271.jpg (103083 bytes) DSC_4271.jpg (158495 bytes)
We found this one in near Daisy Hill (Ford Road Conservation Area) on Lantana plant which has the blue spiny shoulder.  There are the creamy-white edges on shoulder near the head. 

1. Genus Cuspicona Dallas, 1851 - Australian Biological Resources Study, Department of the Environment and Heritage, Australia 2005. 
2. Plant-feeding and Other Bugs (Hemiptera) of South Australia. Heteroptera-Part II - Gross, G.F. (1976). Adelaide: A.B. James, p481.   

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