Orange Black Stink Bug


Green Shield Bugs - Tribe Nezarini

Family Pentatomidae 

We found two species of this tribe in Brisbane. This tribe is closely related to the next group Tribe Rhynchocorini. They are from medium to large in size. Most of them are green or yellowish-brown in colours. 

Green Vegetable Bug
wpe20.jpg (36419 bytes) wpe1E.jpg (40773 bytes) wpe17.jpg (20622 bytes)
Nezara viridula, adult body length 15mm
We sometimes found them on tomatoes and other vegetables. This is an introduced species and a wide spread pest in the warmer part of the world. The bug is green in colour. The immature stages are brightly coloured with orange, red, black and green. More pictures and information please visit this page.
New Zealand Vegetable Bug
wpeB.jpg (22874 bytes)
? Glaucias amyoti, body length 15mm
This green stink bug can be found on vegetable and look very similar to the above species. Although its common name, this bug can be found in New Zealand, Australia and South-east Asia.
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