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Donovan's Amsacta - Aloa marginata 

Family Arctiidae 

This page contains pictures and information about Donovan's Amsacta Tiger Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length 30mm  
The moth is white in colour, with two black lines on each forewing. There is the black and orange line along the edge of each forewing as well. Its abdomen is orange-red in colour with black spots on each segment. 
DSCN7370.JPG (91359 bytes) DSCN7371.jpg (357057 bytes)
We saw this moth once in Alexandra Hill during mid-summer. It was resting on a tree trunk. Its forewings wrapped around its abdomen and hided its orange wing edges under its body. When we came closer, its opened flat its wings and show us the orange colour. When we moved even closer, it slowly flied to a few meter away and rest on grasses. Then we saw its orange abdomen and orange legs.
DSCN7372.JPG (82060 bytes) DSCN7373.jpg (363395 bytes)
The Caterpillar is dark brown in colour with cream spots under short brown hairs.

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