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Thraxan Beefly II - Thraxan simulatus

Family Bombyliidae

This page contains pictures and information about Thraxan Bee Flies that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 10mm, male
PC9_0333.jpg (178379 bytes)
Abdomen segments 5-7 lateral margins with white hairs. The haltere knob is dark brown in colours. We took this fly photos in Anstead Forest on Feb 2009.
wpe2.jpg (33501 bytes) DSC_0416.jpg (329587 bytes) DSC_0416w.jpg (116603 bytes)
Abdomen segments 5-7 lateral margins with white hairs. Spur-vein at base R2+3 NOT present. R2+3 meets r-m cross-vein directly. We took the above fly photos in Carbrook Wetland on Oct 2009.
PC9_1158.jpg (139898 bytes) PC9_1159.jpg (187261 bytes) PC9_1162.jpg (195898 bytes)
This small Bee Fly is black in colour, with short white hairs around the thorax. Its abdomen is hairy black with white dots on it. Male wings is clear with dark front margin. Female wings is half clear and half darken near the wing base. We took this fly photos in Anstead Forest on Apr 2009.
PC9_1161w.jpg (164669 bytes) 

1. Cryptic species diversity and character congruence: review of the tribe Anthracini (Diptera : Bombyliidae) in Australia - David K. Yeates and Christine L. Lambkin, 1998.
2. Thraxan Bee Fly -, by Nick Monaghan 

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