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Golden-brown True Bee Fly - ? sp.

Family Bombyliidae

This page contains pictures and information about Golden-brown True Bee Fly in that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.  
Body length 8mm
This Bee Fly is medium in size. It has the stout and hairy body. The proboscis is long and slender  The thorax and abdomen are golden yellowish-brown in colours with short black hairs. Wings are tinted in dark colour.
DSC_0795.jpg (142126 bytes) DSC_0796.jpg (219700 bytes) DSC_0799.jpg (260958 bytes)
We found this Bee Fly once in Anstead Forest on Oct 2009.   

1. Insects of Australia, CSIRO, Division of Entomology, Melbourne University Press, 2nd Edition 1991, p 759.
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