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Brown Ring Epicoma Moth - Epicoma tristis


This page contains pictures and information about Brown Ring Epicoma Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Wingspan 30mm
wpe3B.jpg (18886 bytes) wpe17.jpg (47117 bytes) PC9_0491.jpg (97972 bytes)
First picture was taken in Wishart Outlook along Bulimba Creek during mid summer. Second picture was taken On White Hill during early winter, when the moth was sun-bathing on a wattle tree. The moth's forewings are dark brown in colour, with two rows of creamy spots along the wing edges. In the middle of its forewings there is a dark ring with a yellow dot . 
DSC_2411.jpg (139833 bytes) DSC_2412.jpg (142367 bytes)
Feb 2008, Karawatha Forest, Lagoon 
Their Caterpillars are dark grey with short hair. They usually found feed in group, may be seen in procession. Their host plants include gum tree.
PC9_0150.jpg (171068 bytes)  PC9_0152.jpg (142476 bytes)
We are not sure if the caterpillars shown in this page are exactly the Brown Ring Epicoma Moth larvae, they look very close anyway. Caterpillar of genus Epicoma are hard to be distinguished unless rearing them to see the moths. 

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