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Striped Ladybird Beetle - Micraspis frenata 


This page contains information and pictures about Striped Ladybird Beetles that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia
Body length 4mm
Striped Ladybirds are light orange-brown in colour, medium size, with three strips on their back. 
DSC_9648.jpg (77730 bytes)  DSC_9652.jpg (55002 bytes)
From late spring to late summer, we easily found many of them on tall grasses in Wishart bushland. They are common in Brisbane.
DSC_9654.jpg (54875 bytes)  DSC_9655.jpg (70172 bytes)
Like some of the other ladybirds, when disturbed, they quickly drop to the ground. Some of them fly away in the mid way of dropping, and disappear in the middle of the air. 
DSC_9861.jpg (84663 bytes)  DSC_0436.jpg (53715 bytes)
Striped Ladybirds are mostly found on tall grasses, although we found them on leaves of small plants as well.  
wpe12.jpg (23460 bytes)  wpe7.jpg (24103 bytes)
The pictures above show the mating couples. As most other ladybirds, female are same size or lightly bigger than the male. Otherwise they looked the same.


wpe21.jpg (18906 bytes)  wpe17.jpg (31422 bytes)
Length 6mm 
The above pictures show the ladybird larvae found near by with the adults. We believe they are the Striped Ladybird larvae. 
wpe1.jpg (25511 bytes)  DSC_0469.jpg (48130 bytes)
The larva is 6mm in body length, dull brown in colour with white spots on its back. They have relatively long legs compared with other species.
DSC_0470.jpg (57077 bytes)  DSC_0473.jpg (73846 bytes)
From reference information they feed on the brown fungus-like substances on the grass seeds. They also feed on pollen and nectar. Many of larvae and adults can be found on tall grasses, some are wandering on tall grasses flowers. Both adults and larvae spend a lot of the time on the tall grass flowers and seemingly feeding on it. We do not know what exactly they feed on. 
DSC_9801.jpg (106959 bytes)  DSC_9869.jpg (153017 bytes)
We did not found the pupa of this ladybird yet.

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