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White Drummer - Arunta perulata

Family Cicadidae

This page contains pictures and information about White Drummer Cicadas that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
White Drummer Cicada male have the remarkable sack-like white tymbal covers, i.e. the white drum. Females look similar except they do not have the white drum. They occur near the sea, often inhabiting mangroves. 
Body length 40mm 
We found the above cicada as dead body in Morton Island in mid summer 2001.  This cicada is dark brown in colour. Wings are clear, with two spots near the tip on each forewing. The top edges of forewings are with green veins which joints with a green line across the thorax. We failed to identify this species as White Drummer Cicada because we expected two white drums. We forgot female cicada does not have drums. Lindsay Popple advised us by email that " it looks to be a worn female White Drummer Arunta perulata, which is quite common in Banksias and Casuarinas in Morton Island."

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