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Bronze Bark-buzzer - Pauropsalta circumdata

Family Cicadidae

This page contains pictures and information about Bronze Bark-buzzer Cicadas that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length 20mm, male
We found this cicada specie does not afraid of human. Different of them had land on our body a few times. This one even land on my hand and let me have the close inspection. The cicada is bronze-brown in colours. 
DSC_0963.jpg (114982 bytes) DSC_0964.jpg (121373 bytes) DSC_0968.jpg (109297 bytes)
Photos were taken in Karawatha Forest near the She-oak Area on Dec 2007. The cicada usually rest high up on the upper part of the tree trunk.
DSC_8871.jpg (230214 bytes) PWC_0005.jpg (201050 bytes) DSC_1679.jpg (407196 bytes)
This small cicada can be found on stem and large tree trunk. 
DSCN0493.jpg (329854 bytes) DSCN0498.jpg (164956 bytes) DSCN0500.jpg (159503 bytes)
Female look similar to male with yellow bands. Abdomen segment 9 with black bar on either side . 
DSCN0503.jpg (139644 bytes) DSCN1736.jpg (169989 bytes) 
Pictures above show the female laying eggs. Notice her ovipositor and the cut marks on stem. 

1. Genus Pauropsalta Goding and Froggatt, 1904 (Squeakers, Bark-buzzer and Tree-buzzer) - L. W. Popple, Zoology and Entomology, the University of Queensland, Australia, 2006. 
2. Australian Cicadas - Moulds MS (1990). New South Wales University Press, NSW. Australia, p137. 

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