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Brown Bunyip - Tamasa tristigma

Family Cicadidae

This page contains pictures and information about Brown Bunyip Cicadas that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Male, body length 20mm
Brown Bunyip is one of the most commonly seen cicada in Brisbane bushlands and gardens. Most pictures in this page were taken on the Liquidambar trees in our backyard in Eight mile Plains in Brisbane during mid summer. They can also be found on casuarinas (she-oak), acacias (wattle) and jacarandas. They are medium size and usually sit on the tree trunks about two meters from ground. They often sit in the shadow, together with their camouflaged colour, they are not easily be seen. 
Cicada3.jpg (28663 bytes) Cicada9.jpg (30504 bytes)
Male, body length 20mm
This Cicada is light brown in colour with relatively long narrow body. Across the abdomen there are the black, brown and light brown narrow bands. Female's wings are clear, males have three dark spots on tips of each forewings. Males also have boarder and short abdomen.
wpe8.jpg (54760 bytes) wpe17.jpg (83624 bytes) wpe17.jpg (56566 bytes)
Female, body length 20mm
We took the above pictures on a gum tree trunk near Bulimba Creek in early summer. The Cicada was hard to be noticed for its camouflage colour. It is pale brown in colour with clear wings.
wpe3.jpg (28370 bytes) wpe1.jpg (50949 bytes) 
Their song is a long even continuous low pitch zeep which may continue for minutes.  
DSC_1186.jpg (145843 bytes) DSC_1187.jpg (188678 bytes) DSC_0198.jpg (325618 bytes)
wpe1.jpg (50961 bytes) DSCN7218.jpg (365167 bytes)

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