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Wattle Cicada - Cicadetta oldfieldi

Family Cicadidae

This page contains pictures and information about Wattle Cicadas that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They are also known as Thin-striped Wattle Cicadas.

Body length 20mm
We first found this Thin-striped Wattle Cicada resting on the Hibiscus in our back yard early summer 2002. There were a few of them there. 
wpe22.jpg (26784 bytes) wpe20.jpg (28952 bytes)
Their body is green in colour, with brown strip on thorax extended to whole body. The pair of compound eyes and three simple eyes are reddish-brown in colour, which are outstanding from their green head. Their wings are clear with thin green to black veins. 
wpeF.jpg (23221 bytes) wpe6.jpg (27027 bytes) DSCN6378.jpg (116997 bytes)
As their common name implies, the Thin-striped Wattle Cicadas are also be found on Wattle (Acacia) tree. They call with soft lilting to buzzing song.
wpe2.jpg (35915 bytes) wpe4.jpg (29659 bytes)
In the above photos, the cicada was sitting quietly and feeding on the wattle tree trunk. When we touched them with our figures, it slowly removed their mouth parts from the tree trunk and flied to another location near by.  

The Host Plant

Black Wattle
wpe8.jpg (63403 bytes)
Acacia concurrens, Family Mimosaceae
The Thin-striped Wattle Cicadas were known to feed on different species of wattle, including the Black Wattle. Many of them can be found on main tree trunk and stem of young Black Wattle trees. Black Wattle is one of the most common trees in Brisbane's Eucalypt forest and bushland. We did not notice if any damage was done by the cicadas to the host tree.

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2. Species Cicadetta oldfieldi (Distant, 1883) - Australian Faunal Directory, Australian Biological Resources Study.


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