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Small Bottle Cicada - Chlorocysta vitripennis (Chlorocysta congrua)

Family Cicadidae

This page contains pictures and information about Small Bottle Cicadas that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Male, body length 20mm
The Small Bottle cicada is green in colour. They are small in size. Its abdomen is relatively large. Wings are clear with green veins. Female has smaller and tapered abdomen. 
DSC_8331.jpg (127808 bytes) DSC_8333.jpg (98420 bytes)
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We found them from early to late summer. There were found on different of type of tree trunks, stem and leaves. 

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In mid summer we easily found them singing in our backyard. They are common in Brisbane. Their body colour perfectly match with the leaf and hard to be seen. We often took some time to spot it even it was singing next to us.

The Cicada Song

When sing, Small Bottle Cicada sings for about 4 seconds, then stop for tens of seconds for another call. They sing from day to dusk.
Sound of Small Bottle Cicada. 
wpe2E.gif (3972 bytes) wpe30.gif (4714 bytes) wpe32.gif (4840 bytes)
0.2 second of sound waveform                              4 seconds of sound waveform                              The sound wave spectrum
From the waveform analyses, the calling song of  Small Bottle Cicadas has the carrier frequency of 4.4KHz and 8.8KHz harmonic, modulated with 100 pulses per second.

The Empty Bottle 

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Under back sun light, it is easily seen that the cicada has the hollow abdomen. Male Small Bottle Cicada has the large and hollow abdomen as resonance box to enlarge the sound volume of his song.
DSC_0332.jpg (129836 bytes) DSC_0333.jpg (124523 bytes)

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2. Species Chlorocysta vitripennis (Westwood, 1851) - Australian Faunal Directory, Australian Biological Resources Study.


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