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Two-spined Spider - Poecilopachys australasia


This page contains pictures and information about Two-spined Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body diameter 8mm
Two-spined Spiders build orb web at night but hide under leaves during day time. They are not easy to find. Their webs are relatively small, it is not vertical nor horizontal, but inclined orb web built on a narrow triangular framework. Clyne's Book (see reference) has the details description.
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Their body is brown with a yellow stripe. There is two white spines at the back look like eyes. Together with a white strip on the edge of abdomen they form the "Cat Face" pattern. A very effective threaten sign to the predators.
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This spider is one of the most beautiful orb weaving spiders. The spider is colourful with red, yellow, green, white and black colour. The colour may be different for individuals.  
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 The spider in the above pictures stated in our backyard for the whole summer.  
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Body length 5mm
We found this small spider (above pictures) in our backyard during mid summer. Its body is dirty black colour. We believed this is the young Two-spined Spider.

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