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Scorpion-tailed Spider - Arachnura higginsi (A. higginsii)


This page contains pictures and information about Scorpion-tailed Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Female, body length 20mm
We some time find this Scorpion-tailed Spider in our back yard. It is golden yellow in colour. Its abdomen is long and slender, like a scorpion. This spider build circuit web. It stay at the middle of the web in day and night. 
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The spider build vertical orb web about one meter in diameter, usually one to two meters about ground. The web is not fully circular. The upper two sectors left opened with radial threads only.
The second picture shows the Scorpion-tailed Spider with her egg sac. Female makes long string of egg-sacs at the upper vertical radial thread of the web. Male is much smaller in size (2mm), tailless and hardly be noticed.
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Mature females are orange-yellow in colour. Young females are darker and pretty colourful. 
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