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Triangular Spider - Arkys cornutus


This page contains pictures and information about Triangular Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Leg to leg 15mm
This is a beautiful spider. Its abdomen is triangular to heart-shaped , with white spots on its bright orange body. Its two pairs of front legs are with strong spines for capturing prey. Its two hind pairs legs are relatively small.
DSC_3147.jpg (165623 bytes) DSC_3143.jpg (144720 bytes) DSC_3144.jpg (188088 bytes)
This spider look similar to the other Triangular Spider species, but less common. We found this spider only once in Wishart bushland late summer Feb 2008.
DSC_3141.jpg (109719 bytes)
The spider was hiding under leaf and waiting for prey. Notice the spider had laid a layer of silk under the leaf. This helped the spider moving around under the leaf by grabbing on those silks. This spider does not build web. However, this silk layer laying skill may evolved from the web building skill. 
We discussed how spider learnt to build webs in this page.

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