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Leaf Nesting Spiders - Araneus albidus


This page contains pictures and information about Leaf Nesting Spiders that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

leg to leg 25mm
We found this spiders once in our backyard during late summer. It curled a large green leaf as retreat. In day time its hided in the retreat. It rested at the middle of the web at night. There is a thread from the centre of its web linked to its retreat. So even when it hided in its retreat, it sensed by the link thread if there was prey get caught in it web. 
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The spider had a  greyish-white abdomen and dark brown thorax  and legs. It was very shy, will quickly run back and hide in retreat even very minor disturb. 
wpeB.jpg (25169 bytes)  wpe11.jpg (29438 bytes)
Comparing to its size, the spider build very small orb web (about 0.5 meter diameter), with a link thread connected to retreat. The web will be left in good condition in day time when the spider was hiding in the retreat. The spider will repair or build a new web when the old web had been damaged. 
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Female and male in the same nest. 

DSC_6744.jpg (64783 bytes)  DSC_6743.jpg (72484 bytes)
The spider builds nest on large green leaf by half rolling the leaf. We found once there a female and a male inside the nest. Male is about 1/4 size of the female and look quite different.
DSC_6735.jpg (85639 bytes)
Female and male photos were taken on Aug 2008. 

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2. A Guide to Australian Spiders - Densey Clyne, Melbourne, Nelson 1969, p66. 

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