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Yellow Spot Blue - Candalides xanthospila


This page contains information and pictures about Yellow Spot Blue Butterflies in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Wingspan 25mm
The male butterfly is purple on top, has a large yellow patch in the centre of each forewing. Female is the same except brown instead of purple colour. On the wings bottom, they are white in colour with a row of black dots along the wing edge. They are two dots under the centre of each fore wing, very small and may be absent. There are three dots under each hind wing.
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In mid summer, we found a lot of them in Alexandra Hill along Coolnwynpin Creek
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We found them start active early September in Karawatha Forest. They fly rapidly near the ground, will stop for resting every few meters.
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Host Plants 

Slender Rice Flower
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Pimelea linifolia, Family Thymelaeceae 
Their Caterpillar is green with white hairs, with dark green stripes and yellow lateral lines, feeds on Slender Rice Flower Pimelea linifolia. The caterpillars are attended by small black ants. Feeding is done only at night, hiding by day under leaves and debris near the base of host plants.

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