Imperial Blue


Whitebanded Line-blue - Nacaduba kurava


This page contains information and pictures about Whitebanded Line-blue Butterflies in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. They are also known as White Line-blues.

Wingspan 25mm, male
We took the picture in the small forest in Eight Mile plains along Bulimba Creek in mid-summer. The butterfly slowly flied away after we took the picture. The bottom sides of its wings are mostly pale grey in colour with extensive white patch. There are the eye-spots and small thin tails on edges of its hind wings.

River Mangrove - Host Plants
PWC_3833.jpg (292922 bytes) PWC_3832.jpg (184694 bytes)
Aegiceras corniculatum 
Caterpillars feed on River Mangrove Aegiceras corniculatum.

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