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Speckled Line Blue - Catopyrops florinda


This page contains information and pictures about Speckled Line Blue Butterflies in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Wingspan 25mm, male
On the top side the butterfly wings was in 'standard blue' colour with two eye spots on each hide wing. On the bottom side was the white and pale brown patterns and the two eye spots on the same positions. Between the two eye spots there were the shore thin tails.


wpeF.jpg (26797 bytes) wpe19.jpg (23371 bytes)
We first saw this butterfly in Eight Mile Plains along Bulimba Creek in mid-summer. The edges of the butterfly wings were broken quite badly but the its  still flying quickly without problem. 
PWC_8958.jpg (105423 bytes) PWC_8960.jpg (128508 bytes) PWC_8959.jpg (104716 bytes)
Found one again in Anstead Forest hilltop pn Jan 2009.
Their Caterpillars are green with white spots and short dense white hair over the body, usually attended by black ants.  


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Then in late summer 2004, we found many of them in Brisbane Forest near Bellbird Grove. They are quite common in that area.

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2. The Complete Field Guide to Butterflies of Australia - Michael F Braby, Australian National University, CSIRO 2004, p278.

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