Imperial Blue


The butterflies in this tribe have the antenna club more or less flattened. They are from small to medium size. Caterpillars are often flattened. 

Dark Pencil-blue
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Candalides consimilis, wingspan 30mm
We saw this Blue butterfly once in Anstead Forest on Nov 2009. Please also check this page for more information.
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Candalides hyacinthinus, wingspan 35mm
The butterfly looks like the Small Dusky Blue below, with very similar wing patterns. This Common Dusky Blue is less common in Brisbane. Please check this page for more information.
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Candalides erinus, wingspan 25mm
This butterfly is common in Brisbane Eucalypt forest. It can be recognized by the two dots under each forewings. More pictures and information please click on here.
Candalides xanthospila, wingspan 25mm
The butterfly is purple on top with a large yellow patch in the centre of each forewing. Female is the same except brown instead of purple colour. On the wings bottom, they are white in colour with a row of black dots along the wing edge. They are two dots under the centre of each fore wing, very small and may be absent. There are three dots under each hind wing. More information and pictures please visit this page.

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