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Orange Caterpillar Parasite Wasp - Netelia producta


This page contains pictures and information about Orange Caterpillar Parasite Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Body length  20mm                                                                              
This wasp is Reddish orange in colour. Their hosts are those large size moth caterpillars.
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Pictures taken when the wasp resting on a Banksia tree leaf in Alexandra Hill during late summer.
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When attacking its host, the female wasp temporarily paralyses the caterpillar by stinging it. After the host paralysed, the wasp lay a brown egg onto the skin near the head of the caterpillar. These eggs can be seen if carefully visual check the caterpillars.. 
The wasp larva hatches from the egg and develops externally, hanging on the head of the caterpillar. The wasp larva will not complete its larval development until the caterpillar has tunneled into the soil and formed its pupation chamber. After the host forms its chamber, the wasp larva will feed and kill the host, spin a black furry cocoon within this chamber. 
Please check the Ichneumon Wasps page for more general information above this wasp.

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