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Brown Ichneumon Wasp - ? sp.


This page contains pictures and information about Brown Ichneumon Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length  20mm, female                                                   
This wasp is reddish-brown in colours with white patterns. From it white-banded antenna, we believed it is in the Phygadeuontinae subfamily but cannot tell the species name.  
PWC_7919.jpg (156864 bytes) PWC_7915.jpg (168795 bytes) 
The body colours are quite different with other members in the Phygadeuontinae subfamily. 
PWC_7914.jpg (155662 bytes) PWC_7907.jpg (216265 bytes) PWC_7897.jpg (215244 bytes)
Pictures taken in Daisy Hill near Buhot Creek, Dec 2008. The wasp was searching on tree trunk. 
DSC_5473.jpg (178771 bytes) DSC_5471.jpg (203041 bytes) DSC_5472.jpg (186854 bytes)
Male, body length 20mm
Please check the Ichneumon Wasps page for more general information above this wasp.

1. An introduction to the Ichneumonidae of Australia - Gauld, I.D. 1984, British Museum, page 158.
2. Wasps - family Ichneumonidae -, by Nick Monaghan. 

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