Subfamily SATYRINAE -Browns and Ringlets


This page contains pictures and information about Browns and Ringlets Butterflies in Subfamily SATYRINAE in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Brown Caterpillar 
Brown and Ringlets Butterflies are usually orange to brown with black in colour, most are with eye-spots.
Caterpillars in this subfamily feed on grasses or sedges. They usually have two tails at the end and two horns on the head.

Evening Brown
wpe12.jpg (21192 bytes) 
Melanitis leda, wingspan : 80mm
The Evening Brown butterfly can be seen flying in the bush during early evening. In the day time they rest on the ground amongst dry leaves, and can hardly be seen unless disturbed. They are brown in colour and looks like a dead leaf. The underside wings are marked with the eyespot pattern. The caterpillar is green in colour feeding on grass. We have recorded the life cycle of this butterfly, details please click here.

Common Brown Ringlet, Brown Ringlet
wpeF.jpg (27794 bytes) wpe2.jpg (21889 bytes)
Hypocysta metirius, wingspan  30mm 
This is a medium small butterfly commonly seen in Brisbane bushland. The butterfly is brown in colour with eyespot pattern on each of its hind wing. There is more information and pictures about this butterfly on this page.
wpeE.jpg (36975 bytes) DSC_2848.jpg (195262 bytes) wpe1A.jpg (29130 bytes)
Hypocysta adiante,  wingspan  30mm
This is a medium small butterfly. It flies close to the ground. It is bright orange colour when flying under sun light. The caterpillar has a pair of pointed lateral horns, feeds on grasses, includes Kangaroo grass Themeda triandra. We found quite a number of them near Alexandra Hill along the creek in summer season. There are more information and pictures in this page.

Swordgrass Brown, Varied Sword-grass Brown
wpe1.jpg (27287 bytes)
Tisiphone abeona rawnsleyi, caterpillar length 30mm 
In the above picture the caterpillar is Varied Swordgrass Brown larvae, which is the rawnsleyi sub-species. This sup-species are quite distinct, only occurs north of the Brisbane River. For more information please visit Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley's Page

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