This page contains pictures and information about Butterflies in Subfamily NYMPHALINAE in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Caterpillars in this subfamily usually have branched spines. 
Butterflies are medium size and fast-flying. They rest with wings open in sunshine. Their forelegs are reduced in both sexes, i.e, they only have four legs instead of six. 

Common Eggfly
  wpe32.jpg (25253 bytes)
Hypolimnas bolina, male, female, wingspan 70mm
The first picture shows a male, black in colour with white spot surrounded with blue colour on each wing. The seconds picture shows the top view of female, look quite different with the male, with white and orange patterns, but the bottom views are almost the same. We can easily find them in Wishart along the Bulimba Creek in Brisbane. More pictures and information please click here.
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Doleschallia bisaltide, male, female, wingspan 70mm 
We saw this butterfly once in Daisy Hill Forest during late summer. The butterfly was flying closely on the ground, sometimes rested on leaf for a short time. When rested, the butterfly usually close its wings. The wings bottom sides camouflaged with dry leaf pattern. When there was the sun shine, it opened its wings to display the rich orange and brown colours. Click here for more pictures and information.
Meadow Argus
wpe1E.jpg (28728 bytes) Meadow3.jpg (27552 bytes) wpe1E.jpg (32932 bytes)
Junonia villida,  wingspan 55mm                                                                                                    Caterpillar 35mm
Meadow Argus Butterflies are sometimes seen when we go for bush walking.  We also find it visiting the Milkweed flowers when we go to the Macgregor Park bush to look for the Wanderer. This butterfly is medium in size, brown in colour and with eye-pattern on all the wings. There are also the orange and white marks on the top edge of its forewings. The butterfly is a rapid flyer and like to sunbathe with wings open.
wpe1A.jpg (27377 bytes) wpe2E.jpg (29793 bytes)
Vanessa kershawi, wingspan  55mm
This is a medium size butterfly, not always seen in Brisbane. The wings are bright orange in colour with black and white patterns. There are four eye spots on each hind wings. The underside of the hind wings are pale brown in colour, with grey and white patterns. Their caterpillar is brown in colour with short hairs. More information and pictures can be found in this page.

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