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Looper Caterpillars - Subfamily Oenochrominae

Family Geometridae 

This page contains pictures and information about Moths and Caterpillars in subfamily Oenochrominae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Oenochromin Caterpillar
The adults in this subfamily are either with stout-bodied or slender-bodied. They are mostly grey or brown in colours.
Caterpillars in this subfamily are typical loopers. They seldom have more than two pairs of prolegs.  

Pink Bellied Moth
wpe9.jpg (31747 bytes) wpeE.jpg (20710 bytes)
Oenochroma vinaria, wingspan 40mm
This moth is pink in colour. Photos were taken outside our house at a summer night. The colour of this moths can be brown to pink within species, resemble a dry gum leaf. They have recurved wingtips and a yellow line across each wing. This moths have many common names such as Hakea Moths, Grevillea Moths and Win-coloured Moths. Their caterpillars are brown in colour, have a large black band with white dots. They feed on Grevillea and Hakea. Please check this page for more infromation.
Fallen Bark Looper
wpeA.jpg (47950 bytes) DSC_3181.jpg (357700 bytes) wpe1F.jpg (39780 bytes)
Gastrophora henricaria, male, female wingspan 60mm, caterpillar length 60mm
We found the caterpillar on gum tree trunk near the ground during late summer. We waited for one whole year to see it turned into a moth. Please visit this page for more pictures and information.
Grey Geometrid Moth
DSC_6716.jpg (324694 bytes) DSC_6717.jpg (216920 bytes)
Dichromodes sp., wings span 20mm
Picture taken on Aus 2007 in Karawatha Forest. This moth has the slender body. The wings colours are variable and camouflage the soil colours. The wings are held flat when resting. Please check this page for more infromation.
Triangular Geometrid Moth
PC9_1060.jpg (152005 bytes) SCN_0013d.jpg (276649 bytes)
Epidesmia chilonaria, wings span 40mm
Their caterpillars feed on gumtree and bottlebrush leaves, brown in colour with some white spots and resembles twig. The moths like to rest on ground among dry plants materials. They have the long labial palpi which pointed in front of the head. This moth is quite common in Karawatha Forest. Please visit this page for more infromation.
Looper Caterpillars
DSC_9589.jpg (152991 bytes) DSC_3535.jpg (322471 bytes) DSC_2508.jpg (158785 bytes)
? sp., length 20mm to 40mm
We believe all the caterpillars we put in this page are in subfamily Oenochrominae, although we did not find out their ID yet.

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