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Emeralds - Subfamily Geometrinae

Family Geometridae 

This page contains pictures and information about Emerald Moths and Caterpillars in subfamily Geometrinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Caterpillar of Hypodoxa sp., a typical Geometrinae looper. 
The mature caterpillars in this subfamily have only one pair of ventral prolegs. They move forwards only in the looper fashion. 
Adult Emerald Moths fly weakly at night. There are two group in this subfamily. The first group, include the Anisozyga sp., they are slender body and usually green in colour, hence the common name Emeralds. Others group are grey in colour with stout body. All of them depend on their cryptic coloration or pattern for protection. They rest with their wings fully outspread and their wing patterns matched closely to the background. 

White Spread-winged Moth
PC9_0316.jpg (243964 bytes) P1030245.jpg (325804 bytes)
Pingasa chlora, wingspan 50mm, female, female, male
The moths have camouflaged wing patterns. When they rest on tree bark, they are hardly been seen. These patterns are wavy lines extend across both fore and hind wings. Unlike other species, this moth rests with front wings up forward, separated with the hind wings. For more information and pictures please click on here
Common Brown Looper Moth
wpe4.jpg (40187 bytes)
Hypodoxa muscosaria, wingspan 40mm, male, female, caterpillar
The about 1st pictures taken in mid-winter, the moth rest on our window glass in a cool night. Their caterpillar is green in colour resemble plants stem. Most information and pictures in this page.
Green Looper Moth
DSC_6549.jpg (313813 bytes) DSC_6549h.jpg (261989 bytes)
Hypodoxa bryophylla, wingspan 30mm, male
Photos were taken on Sep 2010 in Ford Road Conservation Area. It was resting near the base on a large gumtree trunk. Please check this page for more information.
Redlined Looper Moth
DSC_9446.jpg (130643 bytes) DSC_9447.jpg (197139 bytes) 
Crypsiphona ocultaria, wingspan 40mm
Pictures taken on Nov 2007 in Karawatha Forest. The bottom size of the moth is more interesting. There are the red and black patterns. More infromation and pictures can be found here.
Gumtree Bizarre Lopper Moth
wpe19.jpg (42338 bytes) wpe7.jpg (45706 bytes)
Anisozyga metaspila, adult male, wing span 30mm, caterpillar length 20mm
We found this caterpillar on early summer. This caterpillar camouflages as part of the stem. We only know it was a looper caterpillar when it start to walk away. The caterpillar is brown in colour. It body surface is covered with small hard round bumps. The adult moth is basically green, with lacy white spots on the wings. More pictures and information please find in this page.
Wattle Bizarre Lopper Moth
wpe1C.jpg (36552 bytes) wpe25.jpg (28251 bytes)
Anisozyga pieroides, adult female, wing span 30mm, caterpillar length 20mm 
The small caterpillar was found on a Acacia leaf. The picture show a female Bizarre Lopper Moth. It is green in colour with brown wing edges. The male moth is green and white in colour, look quit different. More pictures and information please click on here.
Red-dotted Emerald Moth
P1020822.jpg (243153 bytes) P1020827.jpg (269561 bytes)
Comostola laesaria, wingspan 20mm
The moth is green in colour with red dots on each wings. Photos were taken on Apr 2010 on the wall outside my office. It was attracted to the wall by the fluorescent lamp there. Please check this page for more information. 

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