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Tribe Ancitini - Small Acacia Longicorn Beetles


This page contains pictures and information about Small Acacia Longicorn Beetles in tribe Ancitini that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Longicorn Beetles in this tribe are small in size. Larvae feed primarily in Acacia

Small Acacia Longicorn Beetle I
DSC_3199.jpg (96980 bytes) DSC_3204.jpg (97789 bytes)
Ancita crocogaster, body length 10mm
This is a small longicorn beetle, with body length only about 10mm. We found in Mt Coot-tha on new shoots of a small Acacia tree during late summer March 2008. The beetle was very slow moving, walking around on plants because of our disturbed, drop onto the ground after we took a few photos. Please also check this page for more information and pictures.
Small Acacia Longicorn Beetle II
wpe6.jpg (21525 bytes) DSC_4166.jpg (119270 bytes)
Ancita varicornis, body length 10mm
This is a small Longicorn Beetle. It is black in colour with white doted-lines pattern. The femur of all its legs are covered with dense white hairs. There are hairs on its long antenna too. We found a number of them on a Acacia tree near Bulimba Creek in Wishart during early summer. Please check this page for more pictures and information.

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