Orchid Dupe Wasp 


Subfamily Diplazontinae - Ichneumon Wasps

Order Hymenoptera, Family Ichneumonidae  

This page contains pictures and information about Ichneumon Wasps in subfamily Diplazontinae that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Hover Fly Larvae Parasite Wasp
wpe19.jpg (45802 bytes) AphidP6.jpg (25400 bytes)
Diplazon laetatorius, subfamily Diplazontinae, body length 10mm
The Hover Fly Larvae Parasite Wasp is in family ICHNEUMONIDAE and also called Ichneumon Wasp. The wasp is shiny black in colour with brown legs and brown abdomen. There is the white segment on their hind legs. This species is endoparasites of Hover Fly larvae. More pictures and information can be found in this page.

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