Orchid Dupe Wasp 


Black-tipped Orange Ichneumon Wasp - Ctenochares bicolorus 


This page contains pictures and information about Black-tipped Orange Ichneumon Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length  25mm                                                 
This is a large Ichneumon Wasp. The wasp is mainly bright orange in colour with black abdomen tip. Wings are orange colour with black forewing tip. 
DSC_5926.jpg (346886 bytes) DSC_5927.jpg (278962 bytes) DSC_5929.jpg (368384 bytes)
The head is orange-brown in colour. The antennae are orange with middle white band. On forewing there is the large pentagonal areolet. Abdomen is long and slender. 
DSC_5931.jpg (362201 bytes) DSC_5932.jpg (310136 bytes) DSC_5935.jpg (337046 bytes)
We found this wasp in White Rock near Ipswich. From reference information this wasp could be an introduced species original from African. They are the parasite on Moth caterpillar of Noctuidae, Chrysodeixis sp..
DSC_5931.jpg (279196 bytes) DSC_5926.jpg (107921 bytes)
Please check the Ichneumon Wasps page for more general information above this wasp.

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2. An introduction to the Ichneumonidae of Australia - Gauld, I.D. 1984, British Museum, p197.

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