Orchid Dupe Wasp 


Black and White Ichneumon Wasp - Anacis sp.


This page contains pictures and information about Black and White Ichneumon Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length  15mm                                                                              
This Black and White Ichneumon Wasp is black and white in colours. Females have medium length ovipositor. On the forewing there is the pentagon-shaped areolet slightly asymmetrical with 3r-m weaken. 
SCN_0055c.jpg (280390 bytes) SCN_0055d.jpg (325544 bytes)
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We often find those wasps in our backyard, land on the leaves and search for prey. They target at large cocoons of moths on stems or on barks. We usually find a pair of female and male searching on the same plant. The about pictures show a female with long ovipositor and a male without it.
Please check the Ichneumon Wasps page for more general information above this wasp.

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