Orchid Dupe Wasp 


Black-banded Ichneumon Wasp - Lissonota sp.


This page contains pictures and information about Black-banded Ichneumon Wasps that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Body length  20mm, female                                                   
Most wasps in Phygadeuontinae look very similar as many of them are black in colour with white markings. Antenna are often with white band. Photos were taken in Wishart bushland near Bulimba Creek on Aug 2009.
PC9_1739.jpg (177218 bytes) PC9_1736.jpg (167470 bytes) PC9_1739.jpg (289560 bytes)
On the forewing there is the quadrate shaped areolet. There is a single bullae (unpigmented area of vein) in 2m-cu.
DSC_1659.jpg (182432 bytes) DSC_1661.jpg (203119 bytes) DSC_1663.jpg (269340 bytes)
This wasp look like the Gotra species but the antenna segment is short.  
DSC_1664.jpg (202429 bytes) DSC_1665.jpg (231269 bytes) DSC_1663.jpg (183611 bytes)
DSC_1665.jpg (171952 bytes) 
Please check the Ichneumon Wasps page for more general information above this wasp.

1. An introduction to the Ichneumonidae of Australia - Gauld, I.D. 1984, British Museum, page 246.

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