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Purplewinged Mantid - Tenodera australasiae


This page contains information and pictures about Purplewinged Mantids that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia. 
Length 100mm
Purplewinged Mantids are also known as Australian Mantids. The adult Purplewinged Mantids are large in size with long and narrow body. Their wings are purple to dark brown in colour, with grass green on both edges. Their head and body are light brown with green colour eyes.
wpe4.jpg (30762 bytes)  wpe3.jpg (21838 bytes)
Like all others mantids, Purplewinged Mantids have long thorax and strong spiny forelegs. They also have very mobile triangular shaped head with distinctive ocelli and large compound eyes. Their segmented antenna are medium to long in length.
  wpeA.jpg (23300 bytes)
Purplewinged Mantids are not hard to found in Brisbane. They can generally be seen on tree trunks and bushes or among grasses and other plants. However, they are camouflaged to blend in with the plants and we may need some luck to spot on them.
DSC_2795.jpg (150722 bytes)  DSC_2799.jpg (126129 bytes)
The mantids usually found hunting amount tall grasses. They usually hang upside down on the top of the plant and attack prey below. This make sense because drop down to attack can be a lightening fast action.  
DSC_2802.jpg (87811 bytes)  DSC_2803.jpg (81567 bytes)
Notice the front parts of its eyes are green in colour. This help in camouflage when view in front. 

wpeC.jpg (40361 bytes) 
Nymph. length 70mm
The above picture shows a Purplewinged Mantid nymph which is yellow-brown in colour with light green eyes. Its wings are not yet fully developed. We found it in the bush. It is hard to be noticed while it was waiting near the flower, where we saw the butterflies were visit frequently. We saw it while I was taking the picture (smaller photo) of a Wanderer butterfly.
wpeC.jpg (36886 bytes)  wpeE.jpg (37791 bytes)
Nymph. length 70mm

wpe1.jpg (30081 bytes)  wpe5.jpg (24027 bytes)
Nymph. length 70mm
Pictures taken on September in Karawatha Forest.

Purplewinged Mantids hatching from Ootheca

wpe1.jpg (25051 bytes)  wpe4.jpg (25476 bytes)
Purplewinged Mantid Ootheca, 25mm x 15mm
Early July we found the ootheca in bushland near Alexandra Hill, Brisbane. It was on a small Acacia tree, about 1 meter above ground. It was not covered by any leaves and easily be noticed. 
wpe13.jpg (35057 bytes)  wpe15.jpg (27951 bytes)
We collected and kept the ootheca at home in a jar. Those small mantids came our on end July. There were about a hundred of them running around.
wpe6.jpg (20471 bytes)  wpe10.jpg (26141 bytes)
Purplewinged Mantid 1st instars on my finger, body length 6mm 
Those Purplewinged Mantid 1st instars look exactly as their parents, with a purple strip on their back along the body. 
The ootheca that we found were usually  infected by the Parasitic Wasps (Podagrion sp.) in some degree (see my other mantid page). This ootheca seems did not have this problem.  

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