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False Garden Mantid - Pseudomantis albofimbriata


This page contains information and pictures about False Garden Mantids that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Length 60mm
We sometimes find this mantid hunting in our backyard. There is a dark spot on inner side of each of its front arms. They are slow moving, with large abdomen. The females have their wings relatively small, covered only half of their abdomen, and do not seems can fly. Males are fully winged but smaller in size.
  wpeB.jpg (29032 bytes)
Like all others mantids, False Garden Mantids have long thorax and strong spiny forelegs. They also have very mobile triangular shaped head with distinctive ocelli and large compound eyes. Their segmented antenna are medium to long in length.
wpe16.jpg (31294 bytes)  wpeA.jpg (31034 bytes)
We found that the False Garden Mantids are with two colour forms, either green or light brown.  
wpe7.jpg (23048 bytes)  wpeB.jpg (27820 bytes)
The above pictures shows the least instars. Its wings are still in wing bubs form. Otherwise, it looks the same as the adult mantids.
wpe20.jpg (22155 bytes)  wpe22.jpg (24186 bytes)
Another nymph. 
wpe17.jpg (27368 bytes) 
wpe1E.jpg (20815 bytes)  wpe1B.jpg (33746 bytes)
We also found the brown least instars.
wpe17.jpg (71336 bytes)
False Garden Mantid Ootheca - Mantids eggs case, 20x25mm
The above picture shows a Ootheca looked like a False Garden Mantid Ootheca, not exactly sure.  

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2. Wildlife of Sydney - Fact File - False Garden Mantid - AUSTRALIAN MUSEUM 2006

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