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Spur-legged Stick Insect - Didymuria violescens

Family Phasmatidae 

This page contains pictures and  information about the Spur-legged Stick Insects that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Adult male, body length 90mm
It is the male Spur-legged Stick Insect in those photos. Its inflated hind femora bearing two black large spines. If it opens its wings, they are violet in colour. It is fully winged but not seem it can fly. They are also known as Violet-winged stick insects. 
DSC_2363.jpg (92134 bytes) DSC_2369.jpg (61873 bytes) DSC_2374.jpg (57615 bytes)
We only found this Stick Insect once. It was in Karawatha Forest during a very hot day in mid March. It was resting on a large Gum tree trunk, about 0.5 meter above ground level. We did not see the female yet. 
wpe1.jpg (22026 bytes)
We brought the insect home but it died on the next day. We found that in general we can keep a female Stick Insect for very long time but not the male. We had kept the female Titan and Children's for about a year. For male, they usually died within a few days.
PC9_0484.jpg (341667 bytes) PC9_0485.jpg (208452 bytes) PC9_0486.jpg (109487 bytes)
Found this nymph on Mar 2009 in Anstead Forest. It was just resting on a large tree trunk, about a meter from ground. 

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