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Burying Mantid - Sphodropoda tristis

Family Mantidae

This page contains information and pictures about Burying Mantids that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.
Nymph, body length 60mm
The mantids are grey brown in colour. They are called Burying Mantids because females dig small hole in ground, usually sandy soil, in which they lay eggs and then refill it.
wpe1.jpg (20388 bytes)  wpe7.jpg (21806 bytes)  
Pictures taken in Karawatha Forest during mid summer. When we came closer, it moved to the other side of the stem.
wpeA.jpg (21031 bytes)  wpeC.jpg (18007 bytes)
Comparing with other mantids, this mantid is moving fast. 

wpe1.jpg (31894 bytes)  wpe5.jpg (18531 bytes)
Nymph 30mm
wpe1.jpg (17394 bytes) 

wpe5.jpg (25804 bytes)  wpe14.jpg (18877 bytes)
Nymph 40mm
wpe18.jpg (33467 bytes)  wpe16.jpg (32610 bytes)
This mantids like to hiding on medium size stem waiting for prey.

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