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Wattle Case Moth - ? sp.

Family Psychidae

This page contains information and pictures about Wattle Case Moths that we found in the Brisbane area, Queensland, Australia.

Bag length 30mm
When the caterpillar feeds, it attached the upper end of its case with silk to stem of plant. The caterpillar cut the silk to move the case. Most Psychinae caterpillars feed on different plants include herbs, shrubs and trees. We always found this Case Moth feeding on Acacia leaves. 
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Pictures were taken in Karawatha Forest during mid summer. 
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Bag length 15mm 
DSC_8731.jpg (181831 bytes) DSC_8732.jpg (152505 bytes)
Oct 2007, Karawatha Forest, 
DSC_3949.jpg (202796 bytes) DSC_3951.jpg (227469 bytes)
Mar 2008, Bulimba Creek near Wishart, on Acacia tree trunk.  

Ichneumon Wasp attacking a case moth caterpillar

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In early spring we found this Ichneumon Wasp attacking a case moth caterpillar on a Acacia tree. Although the caterpillar was protected by its case bag, it seemed it was useless to prevent the attack from the wasp. We saw the caterpillar head come out a few times try to get rid of the wasp but no use either. The wasp kept on punching her long ovipositor into the case bag for over half an hour.

1. PSYCHIDAE of Australia - Caterpillars of Australian Moths - Don Herbison-Evans & Stella Crossley, 2007.

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